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Bleeding Gums

One of the early warning signs of gum inflammation (gingivitis) and infection of the jaw bone (periodontitis) is occasional bleeding from the gums especially during tooth brushing or even eating. 

Because pain is not a common symptom associated with gum bleeding, some people erroneously think that it is safe to ignore this sign.  In some proportion of patients, untreated gum bleeding can progress to periodontitis over time. 

If you should suffer from bleeding gums it is therefore extremely unwise to ignore this important warning sign and to seek immediate treatment.  Your periodontist and his clinical team are best qualified to treat this condition quickly and effectively.

Professional services

    • Consultation & advice
    • Periodontal disease assessment
    • Periodontal disease management
    • Dental Implant Surgery
    • Reconstructive muco-gingival surgery
    • Halitosis assessment
    • Halitosis management
    • IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
    • Clinical Periodontics