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Are you a diabetic?

Did you know that there are approximately 3.2million Australians with diabetes or pre-diabetes!!!

It has been suggested that gum disease (periodontitis) is the sixth complication of diabetes.  The other 5 complications include retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, vascular disease and altered wound healing.

Just look at the following facts from research done on diabetic patients:

  • Diabetic patients were 2.8 times more likely to have periodontitis (gum disease) and 3.4 times more likely to have bone loss on x-rays.
  • Diabetic patients were 4.2 times more likely to have progressive alveolar bone loss over a two year period compared with non-diabetics.
  • Poorly controlled diabetic patients were 11 times more likely to have progressive bone loss than well controlled diabetics (2 times).

Don't delay, if you are a diabetic, have your gums examined by us at gumdoctors to make sure that you don't have Periodontitis (gum disease).

If you think that you could be a diabetic then please visit your local Doctor to have a diabetes test.