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Bad Breath (Halitosis)?

Halitosis or bad breath can be quite debilitating for a number of people. This can reduce the amount of social interaction that people have and hence have a huge impact on the social life of sufferers. There are 3 main factors which contribute to Halitosis:

1. Poor oral hygiene

For patients who have poor oral hygiene it may result in bad breath. Good oral hygiene practice should include cleaning of the tongue (either using a tongue scraper or a toothbrush). A tongue may harbour up to 75% of the bacteria present in the oral cavity. Brushing and interdental cleaning (either using floss / tape or an interdental brush are of course mandatory. Poor oral hygiene (along with other factors) may cause different forms of gum disease including gingivitis, periodontitis and an acute and often painful form of gum disease called Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis.

2. Diet

Patients who eat a lot of garlic and onions or fermented food and drinks such as wine may have increased amounts of Halitosis.

3. Systemic Problems

Such as chronic sinus problems or gastric reflux may exacerbate Halitosis.

Therefore, prevention of Halitosis should include good oral hygiene practice (including tongue cleaning), good healthy diet and addressing and managing any systemic problems that may be present.

An instrument that objectively measures bad breath is called the Halimeter. The Halimeter objectively measures Halitosis if it exists in a certain patients mouth. If you would like your breath tested with the Halimeter, please contact our practice to arrange an appointment.