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Gumdoctors provide a comprehenive list of professional services in the field of periodontics. Please review our services below.

  • Consultation and advice.
  • Assessment and management of periodontal disease.
  • Dental Implant Surgery.
  • Plastic and reconstructive muco-gingival surgery.
  • Assessment and management of Halitosis
  • IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
  • Halitosis Management

Clinical Periodontics

We offer a full range of clinical services for the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, maintenance and preventive care of gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Plastic and reconstructive mucogingival surgery.

We repair and rebuild gum tissue following infection or disease. Loss of tissue can often be grafted and re-built. Excessive inflamed tissue from drug-induced overgrowth (such as Dilantin, Adalat, Cyclosporin) can be treated and reshaped to more "normal" form and shape. Abnormal tooth-to-gum ratio can be corrected by the combination of gum surgery followed by new crown or veneer facings.

Implant Surgery.

We provide full pre-implant assessment and advice, treatment planning using the latest radiographic and C.T. scan technologies and computer assisted image-reformatting technologies. We can also work with the restorative dentist of your choice and collaborate with him/her to develop the optimal T/P for you. We also provide surgical services for:

  • Pre-implant site preparation and augmentation.
  • Implant installation.
  • Abutment connection.

You will then be returned to your restorative dentist for the building of Crown or Bridge as per our recommendations.

Latest technologies allows the immediate placement of Implant at the time of tooth extraction for suitable cases. Temporary crowns can be also provided so that there is minimal disruption to your life and routine.

We take special care in our infection control procedures and have adopted all NH & MRC recommendations on Infection Control protocol including Universal Precaution. Universal precaution assumes that every patient is potentially infectious, and therefore all instruments used including hand-pieces will be autoclaved before re-using. Where possible, one use only consumables will be used. All our surgical and implant procedures are carried out under sterile conditions.