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Gumdoctors has over 25 years experience in implant dentistry and related dentistry.

We specialise in all surgical procedures related to placement and recovery of dental implants as well as jaw augmentation prior to implant treatment, and are also experienced in treating implant complications including peri-implantitis.  We maintain high standards of patient care.  Our clinical protocol is in accordance with the Best Practice in Implant Dentistry as recommended by the Australasian Society of Osseointegration.  Our infection control protocol (for all procedures) is in accordance with the recommendation of the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia.


Dental Implants Technology has revolutionized the practice of dentistry today.  It offers new possibilities and opportunities for dental reconstruction and oral rehabilitation treatment.   Dentists can now replace missing teeth in places of the jaw that were not possible in the past.

To assist dentists who practice dental and oral reconstruction treatment, we, at Gumdoctors, offer our support services in:

1. Pre-treatment planning and advice.
2. Surgical placement of implants.
3. Jaw bone and soft tissue augmentation.
4. Post-treatment maintenance and monitoring care.

Because we have many years experience in implant surgery we can therefore offer valuable advice in the case assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning.   We use the latest Cone Beam Volumetric CT scanning and SIMPLANT software to assist us in pre-treatment surgical planning.  These technologies allow precision implant selection and placement in virtue  and in real life by using computer generated surgical guides (if necessary), where indicated, volumetric augmentation of the jaws can be planned using Simplant before the surgery.    This improves on the precision of the procedures and provides superior outcome.

We use a wide range of "proven" techniques in surgical jaw augmentation.   Therefore, our success rate is very high.  Where "evidence-base" techniques do not apply, we will advise the patient to seek alternative means to rebuild their dentition.

Our expertise in Implant Dentistry also enables us to offer a Specialised service in the management of complications (excluding prosthetic complications) arising from implant treatment.

For any further information on the implants or other technology we use please go to the contact page on this website.


Professional services

    • Consultation & advice
    • Periodontal disease assessment
    • Periodontal disease management
    • Dental Implant Surgery
    • Reconstructive muco-gingival surgery
    • Halitosis assessment
    • Halitosis management
    • IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
    • Clinical Periodontics